Braw Wee Staff Recommendations #1 (June 2019).

Braw Wee Staff Recommendations #1 (June 2019).

The Braw Wee Team give a run down of what they’re loving in (and out) of the shop!

This week we’re enjoying...


We've designed some new mugs this week with 'Grit Conquers All' on them, this has been on a post-it note above my desk for the last couple of years - get's me through the small business challenges. I'm also loving all the new books we have in - just wish I had a bit more time to enjoy them. To be honest, I've not had much time for fun stuff outside Creative East End and Braw Wee Emporium, but I am really looking forward to using a wee spa voucher I got for my birthday celebrations - 6 weeks of bliss at the Blythswood Hotel! And I've been making my way through the Holly & Co 'Conversations of Inspiration' Podcast.


The new Kate & The Ink prints are so lush. I used to fall asleep listening to the shipping forecast every night so all those areas seem so familiar to me. I also love  Nasty Women, a new book we’ve got in the shop which has a selection of essays about what it means to be a woman in the 21st century. Outside of shop life I love the karaoke night Bum Notes at the Flying Duck which is on the last Friday of every month. Fellow Braw Wee team member Molly and I did a beautiful Girls Aloud rendition there once. I’ve also been watching a lot of Stath Lets Flats - a Channel 4 comedy show about a crap estate agent.


Quaderno No. 1 Notebook by Risotto Studio is the loveliest shade of pink with very visually pleasing graph paper pages and just makes me want to be productive. I also have been eyeing up the Glasgow East End Map Tea Towel by Nebo Peklo as I’m moving away soon and know I’ll miss Glasgow loads! Outside of work, I’ve recently visited the DJCAD Degree Show in Dundee which was so great this year. I’ve also been crying over the final episode of Game of Thrones and eagerly anticipating the Ru Paul’s Drag Race season finale.


I’m loving the Risotto Studio prints we have for sale - I’m moving house soon so I’m probably going to get the banana one to hang on my wall. The 111 Places in Glasgow You Shouldn’t Miss guide book is a fascinating look at our amazing city, which you might think you know like the back of your hand. However, each page is filled with interesting facts and landmarks that you probably had no idea existed, such as the skull that sits across the road from us at The Saracen Head pub, said to have belonged to the last witch burnt in Scotland. Outside of Braw Wee, I’ve been loving the parathas and incredible curries at Glasgow’s west end South Indian institution, Banana Leaf. Plus the new Elton John biopic, Rocketman, which has had me listening to Tiny Dancer on repeat, and Booksmart, Olivia Wilde’s fiercely funny directorial debut.


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