New Pay it Forward Initiative Launches at Braw Wee Emporium

New Pay it Forward Initiative Launches at Braw Wee Emporium

As some of you will be aware this past month we have been running a campaign to commit to providing free places for our Lampshade Making workshops to local community organisations and groups. We managed to raise 44 places in June and the first participants will be attending our public workshops later on this month! 

We had a few folk get in touch saying they loved the idea and wanted to contribute but lived too far away to come to the workshop. So we got our thinking caps on and came up with the Pay it Forward section of the website where we will run regular campaigns that will allow us to give back to the local community that supports us! 

So for the month of July, we are launching two Pay It Forward initiatives - the first is a continuation of the Bottle Lamp/Lampshade Workshops and will run until at least the end of the year! We are aiming to provide at least 120 free places to organisations and individuals around the Glasgow area over the next year. 

The second campaign is running only for the month of July. We want to team up with local organisations that work with families who are struggling financially to provide their children with stationery, school bags, and P.E kits without having the stress of the cost. We have identified several local organisations that work with families in a range of situations to support them, supply the basics and get help to improve the family situation. We are aiming to get together 100 school kits to donate to these organisations at the beginning of August. 

If you'd like to get involved then visit our Pay It Forward section of our website! 





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