How to Become a Supplier

Are you a small business, artist or designer looking to stock your products at Braw Wee Emporium? Here is some information you might find useful! 

Braw Wee Emporium is committed to supporting the local creative community, so we only accept suppliers from Scotland or who are based in Scotland. 

We only accept submissions through email with the following information:

  • A clear list of your products and photos or link to your website, social media etc.
  • Information on your wholesale prices, RRP prices, minimum orders and delivery timelines. Please note we no longer work on sale or return, and we are VAT registered so need to take this into account when considering the cost of products. 
  • Any conditions of stocking your products (any exclusion zones, exclusively deals etc.)
  • You will list us as a supplier on your website, including links back to our website (this helps both of us build our online presence)
  • Engage positively with us through social media, e.g. sharing posts, commenting etc. we will do the same with your social media. 

We are looking to stock a range of products, and won't stock products we feel are too similar to our other suppliers - so please look at our range before applying. It would be detrimental to us all if we were to do this - our customers expect originality and choice! 

We are also a small business and the number of new suppliers we can accept in a year is very limited, due to available space and what we can afford to invest in. 

We are also looking for suppliers that are happy to take a collaborative approach.

Please also realise that we are a small team, the decision to take on new stock lies with Jennifer so: 

  • It might take us a wee bit of time to get back to you, quite often we see something we like but it isn't quite the right time. And sometimes we need a wee nudge - so if we haven't got back to you after a few weeks, resend the email. 
  • Don't be offended if we turn you down, it doesn't mean that we don't like your work or that it isn't of quality - it is just that we know what our customers like, what other stock we have and what our long term strategy for the business is - your products might just not fit! 

Now you've read all of this - the contact is: 

Jennifer McGlone