Braw Wee Team 2022

Supporting a creative community is one of the Braw Wee Emporium's core values as a company and at the heart of that is people! As we've grown from a one-person business to a team with a four members of staff, back to a one-woman business, a wee family business and back to a one-woman business. 

Our team of wan, Jennifer McGlone, originally from sunny Easterhoose (Easterhouse), in the very East of Glasgow and now resident of the Calton. 

Jennifer - is the founder of Braw Wee

I'm an accidental shop owner, I started Braw Wee as a side project but became very passionate quickly about the potential of creative retail to contribute to the regeneration of the local area. Everything I’ve done career-wise is due to my core belief that creativity is a powerful tool for individuals to create change for themselves and their communities. 

I studied my BA in Community Arts at Strathclyde, and been lucky enough to have a very varied career mainly within community/ youth arts and the Scottish music scene. I've taught tin whistle, been a Trad Music Development Officer, a tour manager, gig promoter, music agent, Funding Development Officer, Celtic Connections Festival Club Coordinator, artist team rep, team leader, musician and sometimes juggling lots of these at the same time working seven days a week for years, taking annual leave to work for other folk and all sorts of crazy stuff! 

In my quest for a better work life balance, I know stick to doing a little bit of consultancy and project management through Glow Arts (my first business), and Braw Wee. Aiming for four day weeks, evenings off and new adventures! I recently completed the West Highland Way solo, and cannot wait to get back to gigs! 

Favourite Scottish Word

So many to choose from -  Braw is obviously a favourite as it is the name of the shop, but you can use it in so many ways and I love the rolling ‘r’. 

Belter is probably one I use the most after braw.....but maybe it’s just the company I keep!