Claasagh Manx Music for Celtic Harp by Rachel Hair - Braw Wee Emporium

Rachel Hair is a Glasgow-based harp player and a well respected tutor. She published her first book of tunes arranged for celtic harp in 2010. It is part of a series of books. 

Elementary-advanced level harp arrangements of Manx tunes (music from the Isle of Man). Rachel was commissioned to write this book for the Manx Heritage Foundation.

With a forward by renowned Manx harpist, Charles Guard.

Tune listing:

Arrane Ben Drogh Hraghtalagh / Hie Mee Stiagh / Illiam Boght / Juan y Jaggad Keeir / Chanter’s Tune / Hop-tu-naa / Arrane Ben-Vlieaun / Eunyssagh Vona / Wandescope / Moirrey ny Cainle / Arrane y Chlean / Gyn Ennym / Mylecharaine’s March / Girls of Balladoole / Ta Cashen / Kirree fo Niaghtey / Car Juan Nan /  Cum yn Shenn Oanrey Cheh / Car ny Ferrishyn / Graih Foalsey