More Challenges of a small business

More Challenges of a small business

You all know how we love a wee blog post about the challenges of running a small business, there have been a few over the years but there have been so many more challenges. The latest is working out the intricacies of GPDR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance which affects how businesses and public bodies handle their customer data. We are already very careful about where we keep our customers details and use online tools to help us do this, no paper records to get lost, so for us there are some minor tweaks to how we collect your information for things like our newsletter.

In fact the mailing list is where the biggest impact will takes place for us and many other small businesses. As of the 25th May, we can no longer automatically opt you into our marketing materials and if you are already on our mailing list because you have voluntary signed up or were added before we were much more tech savvy then you need to confirm that you are happy to receive our emails by letting us know! If our subscribers don’t confirm, then we will see our mailing list reduce quite dramatically and all our effort of list building over the years will disappear. 

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