Braw Wee Emporium East End Neighbours

Meet the neighbours!

Something that is really important to us here at Braw Wee Emporium is community, it is the reason I started up the shop, and the thing that has kept me going through the challenging times. Although we've moved just around the corner, it has given us the opportunity to get to know the community of other local independent businesses better. So we thought we'd introduce you to a few of them each week. 

First up this week is a couple that we already knew but now they are directly across the road. 

Rip it Up Vintage - run by the lovely Kirsty who has a fantastic selection of vintage fashion and accessories. We love having a wee peek at what gems she has managed to find. 

Tuck Studio - they have a carefully curated selection of plants, homewares, and accessories and located right next to Rip it Up Vintage as part of the Many Studios complex. Be warned you'll not leave here with just one amazing plant! 

Van Winkle - a new addition to the area opening last year just further up the Gallowgate, they helped sustain us through the move and decorating with their great selection of bbq, burgers, bourbons, beer and for us cider! They do a great cheap lunchtime menu! 

There are so many more amazing places surrounding us so we'll introduce some more next week! 

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