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How to support your local small businesses when the weather is against us!

So if you are reading this in Scotland, you are probably like most folk and confined to their house due to the 'Beast from the East' that has brought a massive amount of snow and shut down the country (although not us)! Our social media feeds have been full of posts all day about people being told not to travel to work, businesses not being able to open, and folk celebrating a Snow Day. Although it is lovely to see all these pictures of our pals getting an unexpected day off and spending some quality time with their families - for small businesses it can be extremely stressful - particularly if you are a retail business like Braw Wee! 


We walk a financial tightrope day-to-day as we are building up our wee business, and even one day missed trading or a day without customers (we were open today but not a single person through the door) has a pretty big effect on our finances. So rather than sit here in the snow-filled Barras and fret, I thought that I'd do a wee blog post that outlined some really easy things that folk can do to support their local small businesses from the coziness of their couch!  

  • If they have an online shop then make your purchases online, lots of places have click and collect (like us ;) ) so you don't need to worry about postage costs. We are also so grateful for the smallest of purchases, for example - in February we sold enough badges to cover the costs of our electricity in the shop! 
  • Help spread the word about their business by inviting friends and family to like their pages, or comment/ share their posts! This all helps us in the never-ending battle with changing Algorithms. 
  • Jump onto Trip Advisor, Google or Facebook and leave a wee review! This is can help massively - how many of you check trip advisor or google when in a new city or place? Or when you are looking for somewhere to shop? Exactly it is almost second nature now. So by sharing a wee review, it will encourage other people to visit small independent businesses they might not normally find.
  • Or, once you are able to get out and about again - then make sure you pay them a visit. I know you'll have tons of things to catch up on, but again the smallest purchase goes a long way in helping to sustain small local businesses that keep your community unique and contribute to the local economy! 

So help a girl out, spread the word about how you can help wee businesses even when you can't physically get to them! 


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