GI Festival at the Barras!

GI Festival at the Barras!

Glasgow International (GI) Festival kicked off last weekend with five of its venues being right here in the Barras. GI Fest is Scotland’s largest festival for contemporary art, taking place over three weeks every two years across the city of Glasgow. It is on until the 7th May in 78 venues, showing 90 exhibitions with 268 Artists - so we thought we’d give you a wee run down of the exhibitions you can visit around the East End and of course the local businesses you can visit and support on your cultural wanderings. 

So if your heading in from the city centre we suggest that you head towards the Barras via London Road, and pop into Glasgow’s Oldest Sweet Shop - Glickman’s and pick yourself up some freshly made tablet or candy balls.

Now a chance to see the first of the GI exhibitions within the Barras, which is in fact based within Fabric Baazar on the corner of London Road and Ross Street - it is part of a show called Good £uck which has been installed in four independent businesses across the city including Garnethill Stores, Tam Shepherds Jock Shop, Bills Tools and Fabric Bazaar.   

Good £uck
David Sherry, Clara Ursitti, Erica Eyres, Jack Cheetham, and Beagles & Ramsay.
Mon – Fri, 9.30am-5pm - Sat, 10am-5pm -Sun, 11am-5pm

Right around the corner on Ross Street is Many Studios.

(But) What Are You Doing About White Supremacy. 

Open Thurs - Sun. 12 noon - 5pm. 

There are two fab newish businesses to the Barras Community that are part of the Many Studios building but their entrances are on Kent Street, the opposite side to Ross Street - Tuck Studio an amazing wee treasure trove of beautiful plants, candles and ceramics and Rip it Up Vintage, run by Kirsty who has a fantastic range of vintage clothing. 

Once you’ve wandered round these gems, you’ll be needing a sit down maybe some lunch and a drink, eh? Just seconds away is BAaD which is home to A Challtainn Fish Restaurant and Bar and their Pizza place Magnificent Seven, if you walk up Moncur Street and into Calton Entry (just at the shipping containers) you’ll find the entrance. They have a fantastic brunch menu on Sunday alongside their weekly themed markets (Independent Market). If it is a nice day we can recommend an ice-cream from Candy Crunch on Moncur Street - they have some amazing creations! 

While you are in BAaD, then you need to come and visit us here at the Braw Wee Emporium for all your Scottish Gift needs (whether for yourself or someone else!), and guys you can even grab yourself a wee haircut or beard trim at our neighbours Primo Barbers

Time for some more exhibitions and further up on the corner of Moncur Street and Bain Street, directly across from Bills Tools (where you can see more of Good £uck ) is The Pipe Factory. An amazing building in its own right, they have their exhibition ‘Chumming’.     

Richie Moment, India Mackie, Adam Shield, Gabriella Boyd, Jack Burton, Anikó Kuikka, Martin Groß, Jessy Jetpacks, Jonathan Kelly, Sam Austen, Fani Parali, Sebastian Jefford and more

Fri 20 April – Mon 7 May

Mon-Sun, 10am-6pm

Now at this point, we’d encourage you to have a proper wander around the Barras, find Randall’s and the Square Yard on Stevenson Street - it is a Glasgow institution which is working hard to bring customers back so help support it. 

Now you’ve made it this far East, we would recommend you take another 5 minute wander into the Calton and visit the exhibitions at Calton Burial Ground for Saturday, then round the corner to Glasgow’s Women Library and onto David Dale Gallery on Broad Street for Augustas Serapinas - Blue Pen

There are tons of other fantastic exhibitions taking place across the weekend - far too much to cover in our wee blog, so check out the Glasgow International website and get out wandering. 

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