Braw Wee Mobile Crafty Workshops

Braw Wee Mobile Crafty Workshops

So excited to officially announce we are taking our Braw Wee Workshops on the road! We can now bring our Bottle Lamp and Arm Knitting private workshops to you if you are in the central belt of Scotland, and have an outdoor or an appropriate indoor space. We have been running workshop parties in our own spaces for the past couple of years and they have been really popular and loads of fun for groups of pals and families! 

Due to Covid advice we are limited in the number of people and households we are able to deliver these workshops to at the minute, but will be constantly reevaluating this as we get more guidance from the Scottish Government!

We can also host these workshops for your business too, if you are looking to do a fun team building activity with your staff or have a space that isn't being used and think there would be a demand locally! 

Drop us an email if you are interested 


How many people can take part? We need a minimum of 4 people for a private workshop. 

  • Indoor - no more than 2 households with max of 8 people
  • Outdoor - no more than 4 households for outdoor workshops with a max of 15 people. 
  • There needs to be enough room for physical distancing between households and the tutor. We will wear face masks for indoor workshops.
  • We recommend a minimum age of 13 years but happy for younger folk to take part if they are being supported by an adult. 

What do you need for the workshop? 

  • We can provide folding tables and chairs if required, but for the Bottle Lamp Workshop some chairs and flat surface for working on - for the Arm Knitting just chairs.
  • For outdoor workshops we can provide a Gazebo just incase the good old Scottish weather is not being kind. 
  • We recommend that participants make sure they bring a cardigan, suncream etc. be prepared for the Scottish Weather. 

What does it cost?

  • Our Bottle Lamp Workshop are £40 per person and our Arm Knitting is £70 per person which includes all materials & travel costs within 45 minutes of Glasgow. (For the Bottle Lamp you can bring your own Bottle and material if you prefer but we will provide a small selection of bottles and plain cotton material for anyone that hasn't). For groups of more than 6 we provide a 10% discount on total cost. 
  • For workshops more than 15 miles outside Glasgow there is a £10 fuel fee added to the invoice to help cover our costs. 


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