Braw Wee gets bigger!

Braw Wee gets bigger!

So many of you might have seen our flitting (moving) adventures this past week with us moving the retail part of Braw Wee to a new space on the Gallowgate, we've had lots of visitors in wondering what prompted the move so now we have caught our breath a wee bit we can give you a wee update! 

For the past few months, Jennifer has been hatching plans with Glasgow Collective and another fine creative lady which we can't quite reveal yet but watch this space. During one of our conversations, I had mentioned that I was struggling for regular footfall in my current location and wondered if being on the Gallowgate would help that. It just so happened that Glasgow Collective had a unit available straight away right on the Gallowgate - so after having a wee ponder I contacted them at the beginning of the week asking if we could give it try! So we got the keys on Wednesday had a full on day of painting, cleaning and moving our stock and managed to open the doors on Thursday! 

We are keeping our home at BAaD but will be using that to expand our workshop programme and we can now offer workshops at the weekend, and increase the capacity as we aren't squeezed in around all of the stock. We can help support other creative businesses by providing them with desk/ studio space just like we use to before it became overrun with stock and our equipment! It will also be our admin base and where we can run our long-awaited training programmes. 

Being in such a prominent position on the Gallowgate will also allow us to direct folk round towards BAaD and other businesses within the Barras - we've already had lots of conversations with folk who didn't release we were there or that there were so many fab things just a minutes walk away!

So help spread the word that we are still at the Barras and expanding, and definitely pop in and say hiya! 

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