Braw Wee does the West Highland Way

Braw Wee does the West Highland Way

If you've followed Braw Wee for a while, then you'll have noticed that I have a bit of a knack of getting myself into challenging situations! So this time, I've decided to set my own challenge and Walk the West Highland Way and mainly solo! 

For those that don't know, the West Highland Way is a 96 mile route that goes from Milngavie (to the north of Glasgow) to Fort William, and I'm planning on doing it over 7 days stopping in some magical places along the way. 


Well the full story is on my fundraiser page but it has something I've always wanted to do since doing a bit of it for a Sponsored Walk for Easterhouse Arts Project back in the 90s. The past few years and then the pandemic has really limited my travelling, and at one point I was always dotting about the country for work. I've found walking has really helped my mental health recently (again if you've followed us then you'll know it's been a stress filled few years). And finally I'm in my 40s now so I'm ticking off some of those bucket list things because I can! 


As it is more than a wee dauner round the park, I thought it would be a good opportunity to fundraise for two amazing organisations that have been working tirelessly for years supporting young people and families in the place I grew up and the one I now live in. FARE Scotland and PEEK are both charities that work with families and young people locally providing them with youth clubs, holidays, employability programmes, food parcels and so much more. 

I'm aiming to raise £10 for every mile of the walk - so if you can spare a few pennies, it will most definitely help with my motivation!

Why is it important to me? 

I was lucky enough to have the support of amazing local organisations when I was growing up, who provided me with great opportunities and experiences in the creative world and confidence to go to Uni. That was the start of an amazing adventure into working in community arts, music and the wider creative industries - I have met amazing people, travelled to places I never thought I would. That is because I grew up in an area where the community fought hard for their young people. People and organisations that work hard to show young people that they are more than their postcode, just because you grow up in a certain area, or have family circumstances are difficult that it doesn't mean you can't have ambitions and do what you are passionate about. 

Follow Me

I'll be documenting the journey on our Instagram and other social media platforms, so if you fancy keeping up to date with my progress then follow us over there (Remember we had our original account disabled a year ago - so if you think you are following us, you might not me.) 

Wish me luck! 



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