Ye Dancin? Ye Askin? Pins by Bonnie Bling

  • £16.00

Old school chat up lines turned into modern acrylic pin badges, now there's a great wee idea!

'Ye Dancin'?' used to be heard more often when heading 'up the toon tae the dancin' would have been the Saturday shindig of choice. Followed with the cheeky 'ye askin'?' we have created a perfect pair of pins. Worn separately on a denim jacket or paired together as collar pins or on cuffs this is a stylish Scottish set.  

Bonnie Bling's latest exciting collaboration is with Glasgow's amazing hand lettering star, Daisy Bisley aka Claire Satera.

Taking some of Bonnie Bling's favourite Scottish phrases Claire has created these beautiful designs that we have then turned into hand painted acrylic pin badges.