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Nutdust is a Scottish male body powder with all natural ingredients specifically formulated to dry, freshen and combat chafing.

The Glasgow based company have developed a healthy, natural and cruelty-free alternative to talcum powder which soothes sensitive skin. Important for all men.It provides comfort for outdoor adventurers, its perfect for the big game or a night out, or for just general relief. The classy bottle offers a unique wedding favour, or prepare the groom for the big night with its sensual qualities. Brought to you in three unique blends to target the clansman or wildling in you. It combats smells and discomfort down under, and contains therapeutic benefits.

It’s said that the great Scots warriors of centuries past had three necessities in life – their sword, their kilt and their nutdust. The mysterious wildling powdery substance is said to have been discovered on the stunning mountains of Ben Bonnsporan by the great clansmen of the local Glens.  Its healing powers have been passed down through generations and only true Scotsmen know how to find it. Indeed, it is said that the Scots warriors never entered battle without it.  Applied in two coats to the ballsack. The first layer is said to protect men from death and ignite their warrior spirit while the second coat is applied to protect their future seed and importantly, lure your sexual partner.  The tingling sensation and the healing properties mean that those who apply it have no need for underwear. And to this very day, true Scotsmen continue to both indulge and trust in the legend of nutdust.