The Glasgow Soap Company - Bay Rum and Tequilla Soap




Glasgow Soap Companies Natural Soaps are Handmade using the traditional Cold Processed method with the finest Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and RSPO Sustainable Palm. They are Vegan Friendly and do not contain any SLS, Parabens or Preservatives and none of the ingredients have been tested on animals. 


Ashley is an Aromatherapist and makes all of her soap slices by hand in Glasgow, Scotland.



*Please note, as all items are handmade there may be slight variations in colour and design.


Bay Rum and Tequila Handmade Soap Slice


This handmade soap has a spicy and warm unisex fragrance with top notes of orange zest sitting on exotic, woody, spices.



Ingredients: Sodium Olivate (Olive Oil), Sodium Cocoate (Coconut Oil), Sodium Palmate (Palm Oil), Aqua (Water), Parfum, Cl77891, Cl77492, Cl77491.

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