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Joan As Police Woman - While working with others, Wasser began to develop her own material which she described as sounding "like old Al Green records." She focussed on guitar and singing as "for a long time, I was really content with playing violin, [..] and then all of a sudden it wasn't enough." The end of Black Beetle in June 2002 brought the beginning of Wasser's work as a solo artist and the creation of a new band, Joan as Police Woman. The name was a reference to the TV series Police Woman featuring Angie Dickinson. Wasser found the actress inspirational as "she was really powerful but sexy at the same time" in the role. She also preferred "the name to be funny because, although my music is serious, I like to laugh at tragedy." She formed a new trio in New York City together with Ben Perowsky on drums, percussion and backing vocals and Rainy Orteca on bass and backing vocals. Other musicians working with the group have included Maxim MostonCharlie Burnham and Andrew Wyatt. The group self-released a five-track eponymous EP in 2004, as Wasser had "decided to do it without a record deal because I wanted to make music on my own terms."