Chris Wood - None the Wiser - Braw Wee Emporium

None The Wiser - Award winning English songwriter Chris Wood returns with his incredible new album 'None The Wiser'. Featuring songs first aired live (with his band) on BBC Radio 2. "This album began two years ago with a guitar - then an amp. Then I got a call from Hamish Stewart to come and sing a couple of my songs with him and some local funk soul brothers in a ten piece festival band. Then I became infatuated with the sound of the Hammond Organ and finally decided, for the first time, to add a string Bass. It has been all about the sound, what we might play was never really decided. While this musical journey was going on, Britain was sinking deeper into recession. From radio and television studios our political and fiscal masters were insisting we should continue to listen to them, to take seriously their initiatives and their projections while out in the streets our personal experience was, and remains, in gritty contradiction to their rhetoric. I believe we are on our own. I believe all we really have is ourselves and what we make, and, the most precious of what we make lies in our connection to each other. They have not found a way of taxing what flows between us and our loved ones." - Chris Wood March 2013.