Lau - Adem vs - Braw Wee Emporium

Second in Lau's exclusive "Vs" collaboration EP series. Triple BBC Folk Award winners (Best Group 2008,2009,2010) LAU have long since been known for their forward thinking and adventurous, non traditional approach to folk music so teaming up with avant garde producer and electronic artist Adem (Domino / Silver Columns) was a natural step for them as artists when they decided to make a series of EP's (of which "Ghosts" is the second). Each EP showcasing the different influences to their Lau sound. Adem had been a fan of Lau's music since attending a gig in 2009 and they had numerous links via engineers, fellow musicians and artist friends on the Scottish music scene. The "Ghosts" EP was recorded at Adem's London studio in late 2010.