Lau - Remix - Braw Wee Emporium

Lau are regarded as modern Folk music's most innovative band. Brilliant musicians, thrilling performers and free-thinking visionaries.

'Remixed' is available on limited edition CD featuring eight exclusive new versions of Lau recordings. An intriguing list of producers and musicians stepped forward to re-interpret, re-work and of re-think Lau's original music for Remixed including (November 2013 'Race The Loser' tour special guests) Haiku Salut, acclaimed electronic artist Matthew Herbert, deep house / soundscape producer Claro Intelecto, Glaswegian techno producer Sei A and Frightened Rabbit's Gordon Skene (Fraction Man) and Andy Monaghan (Andreas Lust). 'Remixed' also features a new version of 'Imporsa' by Silver Columns (aka Adem (Fridge) and Johnny Lynch of The Pictish Trail / Fence Collective) a track that featured in original form on the popular Lau vs Adem 'Ghosts' EP (2011).