Rebel Chocolate - Belgian Milk Chocolate


Delicious Chocolate made just round the corner from Braw Wee by Rebel Chocolate who are based at Glasgow Collective.
Hands up who doesn’t like Belgian milk chocolate? I can’t see many hands! We love it to, so in honour of our Belgian friends, we have created the fabulous chocolate bar that is before you using cocoa sourced from one of Belgian’s leading chocolate producers.

To make it into chocolate worthy of the label “Rebel Chocolate” we blend this fantastic cocoa with our signature mix of cocoa butter, lactose-free whey protein, lactose-free whole milk powder and sugar. We then grind this heavenly concoction for at least 48 hours in our stone on stone grinder (in a process called conching) so as to produce a smooth, rich milk chocolate with that unmistakably Belgian flavour that we know and love.

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