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Our aim is 120 free spaces but every workshop bought will go to a individual even if we don’t make our target!

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Workshops have become a very important part of what we offer here at Braw Wee Emporium. We understand that some groups don't have budgets for creative activities, so now you can help! As part of our commitment to being as inclusive and supportive of our local community as possible we are launching a Pay It Forward project for our workshops!

You can now buy one of our lampshade making workshops for an individual, group of individuals or an organisation. So for every workshop purchased we will either provide free spaces for folk to come along to one of our workshops or deliver a free workshop to a community organisation or group in Glasgow or surrounding areas.  

We're hoping to provide 120 free spaces by the end of the year so please help us reach our target! In June alone we managed to secure 44 workshop spaces, now we're launching this special Pay It Forward target tracker. 

If you know an organisation or individual that would benefit from the workshops then drop us an email on