Online Braw Wee Bottle Lamp/ Lampshade Making Workshop - Braw Wee Emporium

We are taking our popular Braw Wee Bottle Lamp Workshop online! If you fancy joining me for this informal online workshop then we will be running them bi-weekly during lockdown. 

To join the workshop you just need the following:

  • Bottle Lamp Kit or Lampshade Kit (can be purchased from the website). 
  • Half a metre of fabric - preferably something lightweight but tweeds etc. work too. 
  • Bottle of your choice. 
  • Sharp Scissors for cutting fabric
  • Iron and Iron board. 

The workshop will take you through the process of making the Lampshade using Zoom, workshops will be limited to 8 people per workshop. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and for me to provide feedback through the video link. 

What you will get for the workshop! 

  • 2 hour tutorial using Zoom (free video software you can download onto your computer, phone or tablet). You will be sent a link to the scheduled class once you have booked in. 
  • You can purchase a Lampshade Making Kit if you require one. 
  • Access to our own Braw Wee Workshop Facebook group where you can ask questions and chat to fellow class mates! 

Your covering needs to be 970mm wide x 255mm for a 25cm Shade to cover the self-adhesive panel supplied. We recommend that you don't bring along too heavy a weight fabric for your first lampshade, not stretchy cotton is perfect for beginners!  

If you are making the Bottle Lamp then we recommend a 25cm Shade for standard 70cl bottles, if you are using a smaller bottle such as Eden Mill or Drumshambo then a 20cm shade works better. There is no need to drill your bottle, the Bottle Lamp Adaptor is just pushed into the top of your bottle.