We're thrilled to stock this amazing album from Distant Voices at the Braw Wee Emporium.

'Not Known at this Address' is the debut album from the Distant Voices project. Since the project launched in 2013, Vox Liminis have run nearly 30 song writing workshops – called Vox Sessions – and witnessed the creation of over 250 songs. The Vox Sessions model has helped both people in prison, and in the wider criminal justice system to creatively explore their stories. 

Distant Voices explores what happens when we share human stories, ideas and emotions; we try to add colour back into the discussion. The project began as a collaboration between Vox Liminis and the SCCJR, and has extended to now include three Scottish universities. They team up some of Scotland’s best songwriters with people who’ve experienced the criminal justice system from lots of different angles.