Mogwai - Young Team


Mogwai's first full length album, Young Team was greeted by the music press with the kind of frenzied hysterical praise that's normally reserved for, well, not a gang of teenage instrumentalists. Their ranks briefly augmented by ex-Teenage fanclub drummer and Macrocosmica alumni Brendan O' Hare, Mogwai entered Chem19 studios with Delgados drummer Paul Savage at the controls and carved out an album of bi-polar brilliance: delicately beautiful one minute and pulverisingly loud the next.

Young Team remains one of the most ludicrously confident and wilfully abstract debuts in years - completely flying in the face of what was considered 'popular' at the time, it's an album that, crucially, hasn't seemed to date one bit: the ambition is matched by the execution and it's absolutley bereft of contrivance. Timeless, important, music. Plain and simple.

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