Fun Box - Superheroes CD - Braw Wee Emporium

All the songs from our live touring show; “SUPERHEROES” – plus 6 fantastic bonus tracks.

Join Anya, Kevin Gary and Bonzo as they become superheroes on their latest singalong CD. Packed with mega singalong favourites as well as brand new songs – its a fun-filled collection of Funbox tunes. So grab your capes and masks, slip into your lycra onesie and summon your super powers for SUPERHEROES with Funbox

1    FUNBOX Rhyme


3    My Boy’s A Corker

4    Quartermaster’s Store

5    Super B.O.N.Z.O.

6    The Fly

7    Bunny Fou Fou

8    Heroes Every Day

9    Birthday Bounce

10   Leapfrog

Bonus Tracks

11    Fancy Dress Fun

12    Bear Hunt

13    Katie Bairdie