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Nutdust is a Scottish male body powder with all natural ingredients specifically formulated to dry, freshen and combat chafing.

The Glasgow based company have developed a healthy, natural and cruelty-free alternative to talcum powder which soothes sensitive skin. Important for all men.It provides comfort for outdoor adventurers, its perfect for the big game or a night out, or for just general relief. The classy bottle offers a unique wedding favour, or prepare the groom for the big night with its sensual qualities. Brought to you in three unique blends to target the clansman or wildling in you. It combats smells and discomfort down under, and contains therapeutic benefits.

High in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, where the rivers run clear and winter snow caps the towering peaks, something mysterious has been happening for centuries. The curious event is said to take place just once every decade when the harshest white winter makes way for the deepest, most lush spring greenery.   For on that day and for one hour only, the vast mountain of Ben Mòr Bàlaichean and all its wildflowers are powdered in a peculiar white dust-like substance.  Ancient Scots believed the phenomenon was a gift sent by the gods to empower the loins of men, protecting their manhood from the rigours of kilt-wearing, helping to attract sexual partners and ensuring their future heirs would be strong and prosperous. It is from these beliefs that the name ‘Cnò Duslach clansman’ or ‘Nut Dust clansman’ came.   Once applied to the ballsack, it is believed that only exposure to the crisp air will bring the full love-making power of nutdust. That’s why for generations, Scots have refused to wear underwear below their kilts. It’s also why, throughout the centuries, it has been a right of passage for Scottish men to travel hundreds of miles to bottle as much nutdust as they can, saving it in preparation for wedding days and for the eve of the New Year.  To this day true Scotsmen continue to make the daunting journey to climb Ben Mòr Bàlaichean. They continue to believe in the power of nutdust. And they make no apologies for going without underwear.