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Glasgow Soap Company

Bay Rum Men's Shaving Soaps - Glasgow Soap Company

Bay Rum Men's Shaving Soaps - Glasgow Soap Company

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Bay Rum Solid Shaving Soap (120g) is available on its own or in a gift bag with a vegan shaving brush by Glasgow Soap Company 

Solid shaving soap is not only much more ECONOMICAL than shaving foam but also an ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY alternative.

Using a shaving brush to create a lather and apply that lather to the area you are shaving helps to get the foam underneath the hairs, lifting them away from the skin for a smoother, longer lasting shave.

Glasgow Soap Company shaving soaps have a vegetable glycerine base which is beneficial for softening the skin, helpful for retaining moisture, and is non-irritating and hypoallergenic. The characteristics of vegetable glycerin makes it a great choice for people with sensitive or dry skin conditions. The majority of commercial shaving soaps and foams on the market contain harsh chemicals that rob your skin of its natural protective oils.

The Shaving Soaps contain no sls, parabens or animal products making them a perfect vegan friendly natural alternative for skin care.

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