The third & final album from Bachué 

Corrina Hewat (harp & vocal)
David Milligan (piano)
Donald Hay (drums/percussion)
Colin Steele (trumpet) 

1. Rencontre • 2. Light of the moon • 3. Eilidh Shaw's trip in Germany/The Balnain reel • 4. Khazie / Trip to London / Cleveland Park • 5. Orphan's wedding • 6. The baker woman • 7. Not only but Oslo / Taking the tent down • 8. Mirk mirk is the midnight hour • 9. Gin ye kiss my wife i'll tell the minister / Ted's rant • 10. Rumble thy bellyful • 11. In my prime • 

• Recorded by Ben Ivitsky at the Bamboo Hut, Heriot, Scotland • Additional recording by Dave Gray at the Sound Café, Ninemileburn, Scotland • Mixed & mastered by Dave Gray and Bachué at the Sound Café • Produced by Corrina Hewat and David Milligan • Design/Layout by Corrina Hewat and David Milligan • Back cover photo by Zoe Maxwell • Corrina Hewat plays a Camac Electroharp 

"It’s not often that a trio demands adjectives like “orchestral” and “cinematic” to describe the scale and power of their sound – but then you don’t hear many trios like Bachué. The big, bold and beautiful music currently being made by singer/harpist Corrina Hewat, pianist David Milligan and percussionist Donald Hay (joined here by trumpeter Colin Steele) offers ringing endorsement to a recent description of Scotland’s folk music scene as 'probably the most experimental in the world'”.