Annie Grace's richly abundant talents on vocals, bagpipes and whistles have featured in numerous projects over the years. In constant demand as a musician/actor, she has finally managed to take the time from her busy touring schedule to create a stunning new recording. On this her second solo album, her talents shine. Following on from the success of her 2004 album 'Take me out drinking tonight' The Bell is a beautifully crafted collection of original, traditional and contemporary songs, infused with tinges of folk, jazz and blues.


Jonny Hardie: Guitar / Fiddle / Viola / Vocals
Aaron Jones: Guizouki / Guitar / Vocals
Aly Macrae: Guitar / Ukulele / Harmonium / Piano / Banjax / Euphonium / Saw / Fiddle / Vocals

With Special Guests:

Nigel Hitchcock: Alto Sax
Kevin McGuire: Double Bass

1. Solo
2. Sandman
3. The Bell
4. One Morning In May
5. High The Laverock Sings
6. Tunes (Down North, Chloe's Passion, Pitlochry High School Centenary)
7. Little Bird
8. Show Me The Road
9. The Exiles Song
10. Don't Go