Supporting a creative community is one of the Braw Wee Emporium's core values as a company and at the heart of that is people! As we've grown from a one-person business to a team with a four members of staff, and now back to a one-woman business. 

Jennifer - is the founder of Braw Wee

Who are you and where you are from?

I’m Jennifer, originally from Easterhouse where I lived until I was in my early twenties - when I became a bit of a central belt yo-yo! I moved to Edinburgh for 7 years, before starting to ping-pong between the two cities for a couple of years. I then had a stint in a tiny village called Elsrickle but finally got back to the East End a few years ago and now a very proud Calton resident! It is most definitely home! I'm the oldest of four - all of whom have done shifts in the Braw Wee Emporium at various points to help out their big sister in her unconventional career. 

What you do personally and professionally outwith Braw Wee?  

Well, Braw Wee has taken up pretty much all of my time over the past few years, so to be completely honest there isn’t much I do out with the shop these days. However, I do love going to the pub and gigs and I have an unhealthy obsession with Holby City and any other bingeworthy hospital, lawyer or crime dramas.

I’m on the Board of the Scottish Music Centre, which is an amazing organisation based at the City Halls Glasgow, Community Councillor for Calton Community Council and one of three directors of Creative East End CIC – which is the lovely space Braw Wee is a tenant of!

Workwise, I have worked in Scottish Traditional Music and Arts Development for all of my career - everything from teaching tin whistle to primary school weans to overseeing funding for Youth Music & Arts projects. I went freelance 6 years ago, when I left my job as a Development Officer at Creative Scotland to relaunch Glow Arts - my events management and consultancy company. I still do some bits of consultancy, funding workshops and advice sessions.

I’ve realised recently that everything I’ve done career-wise is due to my core belief that creativity is a powerful tool for individuals to create change for themselves and their communities. 

Favourite Scottish Word

So many to choose from -  Braw is obviously a favourite as it is the name of the shop, but you can use it in so many ways and I love the rolling ‘r’. 

Belter is probably one I use the most after braw.....but maybe it’s just the company I keep!