Braw Wee Crowdfunder

Back in April 2016, we launched a crowd funder Campaign to help us sustain the Braw Wee Emporium while the impacts of the new local developments started to draw folk back down to the Barras. We were delighted to raise a total of £4532! See details of our campaign below. 


After fees from the Crowdfunder, PayPal and other payment fees we were left with approximately £3800. The campaign allowed us to do several things, first provide us with the cash flow to pay off some urgent bills and debts, invest in some new stock and reduce the number of items we had on sale or return.  But most importantly continue to trade from our premises during an extremely difficult financial period during which seen the substantial refurbishment over almost a four month period of the Barras Art & Design Centre which is now home to A'Challtainn Fish Restaurant & Bar

In addition to the challenges of our location, Braw Wee Emporium is still run just by Jennifer McGlone with support from various family members and pals where they can so we haven't been able to fully deliver on our plans within the timescales we expected. The good news is that Jennifer has finally found the right people to assist her in setting up a new Community Interest Company that will drive forward her plans for the training programme, development of Braw Wee products and other projects she has been dreaming up the past two years! 


We are still in the process of working on getting our rewards out to people, we are fully committed to getting this done by the end of Summer. The past year has been extremely challenging for our wee team of one but we are getting back on track, part of the hold up is the volume of pledges and complexity of the rewards we offered! Some folk managed to get back to us with their requests but managing the volume of emails has been very difficult, keeping track of choices, new addresses, and those that didn't actually want a reward just wanted to support us! So to help us out we have created this handy little form which we'd really appreciate it if you could complete for us and we'll get ordering up these rewards! Click Here

If you would prefer we can provide you with a gift voucher for the value of your reward, so you can choose your own wee treat from the Braw Wee website or shop. 

Braw Wee Pledgers! 

We would like to thank all of our pledgers! Names will go up on the websites shortly! 

l'd like to thank all of our pledgers! Names will go up on the websites shortly! 

Thank you!