Pay It Forward

Here at the Braw Wee Emporium we believe corporate social responsibilities are an essential part of how we can make our world a fairer and better place for everyone. Part of this is using our reach and platform as a business to support the local community and those that might need a bit of extra help in times of need. As a business we have built up an amazing number of Braw Wee Pals that have supported us since we opened, and we know have the same values as we do. 

We have been limited in what we can do financially as a small business but have so many ideas for supporting the various amazing initiatives there are locally.  So we have come up with our Pay it Forward campaigns so that we can highlight these needs and help contribute to addressing them.  

We have launched two initiative campaigns, our free Workshop Programme and our School Essentials programme in July 2019, with others to follow later on in the year as we identify new areas of need. 

Want to get involved? Then contribute to one of our campaigns below or if you have an idea for a future campaign then drop us an email on 

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