Eat Haggis is a range of contemporary Scottish design and products including t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, cards & prints. The Eat Haggis range all started from a poster that creator Allistair J Burt made for a friend's St Andrews Day party a few years ago.

"They were looking for something bright, bold and fun and I decided to do a Scottish spin on the classic old War Poster. I was pleased with the result and uploaded onto my blog. Almost immediately people started contacting me asking if they could get copies and within a few weeks I had so many enquiries that I had to look into getting some made. I worked with the Glasgow Print Studio to produce a really high quality print run and from this all the other designs and products grew.

Scotland is a wonderful country and the main aim of 'Eat Haggis' is to celebrate and be proud of all that it has to offer and we try to do so with a sense of humour, bold colours and really high quality products and design."

You can follow Eat Haggis on Instagram at @eathaggis